MATHI UTTHAM'17 to be held on 10.03.2017 and  Last Date for Registration of all events : 03/03/2017.   Food is freely provided for outstation participants.

• To provide students with strong foundation in mathematics, science and engineering,

necessary to understand and solve engineering problems. Prepare the students for a

successful career in industries.

• To enable the students to acquire the ability to analyze, design and build electrical and

electronic systems, needed in power electronic drives, variety of controllers, power

generation, transmission and distribution systems.

• To impart students with a sound knowledge of soft ware tools and skills for taking up

research in upcoming areas in the field of electrical and electronics engineering,

embarking on entrepreneurial ventures and an aptitude for lifelong learning.

• To inculcate values and professional ethics, leadership qualities and team spirit for an

overall personality development, to create environmental awareness and a passion for

using the knowledge acquired, for addressing the societal concerns.

    • Demonstrate basic knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering.
• Analyze electrical and electronic circuits and systems.
• Model, design and evaluate the performance of electrical machines.
• Comprehend the structure of power systems, both conventional and renewable and analyze their operation, control, protection and utilization.
• Formulate power electronic controllers for industrial drives.
• Apply the programming knowledge of Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and Digital signal processors for control applications.
• Use software tools for the design, simulation and analysis of electrical and electronics engineering problems.
• Design and conduct experiments on circuits, control components and machines and evaluate their performance.
• Understand energy and environmental issues and incorporate suitable measures for their conservation in the design of systems.
• Communicate effectively in order to enhance their opportunities for building a successful career.
• Carry on with lifelong learning and research in thrust areas concerning electrical, electronics and allied fields of engineering.
    Paper Presentation Topics

 1.  Green Power

 2.  Micro Grid and Smart grid

 3.  Power Scenario in India

 4.  HV AC/DC Transmission

 5.  Latest Development in Power 
      Electronics and Energy

 6.  Efficient   Electric Equipments      
      and Lighting 

 7. State of art in Industrial Automation

 8. Embedded System 
    Technical Quiz

  • Two members per team can be permitted.

  • Preliminary round will be conducted first and the finals on the stage.
  • Questions will be both technical and Non-technical.
  • Two Rounds will be conducted.
    Circuit Debugging

  • Two members per team can be permitted.

  • Two Rounds will be conducted.

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