MATHI UTTHAM'17 to be held on 10.03.2017 and  Last Date for Registration of all events : 03/03/2017.   Food is freely provided for outstation participants.

• To prepare students with fundamental knowledge in programming languages and tools and

enable them to develop applications.

• To encourage the research abilities and innovative project development in the field of

networking, security, data mining, web technology, mobile communication and also

emerging technologies for the cause of social benefit.

• To develop professionally ethical individuals enhanced with analytical skills, communication

skills and organizing ability to meet industry requirements.

    • The graduates will demonstrate knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering.
• The graduates will demonstrate knowledge in C, C++ and Java programming.
• The graduates will demonstrate their skill in applying software engineering methodologies in their project work.
• The graduates will be able to comprehend the concepts of security threats and
mechanisms to overcome them.
• The students will be able to groom themselves to the requirement of corporate
• The students will be able to understand and develop mobile applications and value
added services for the 3G systems.
• The graduates will be able to demonstrate their understanding in the emerging areas of data mining and web mining.
• The graduates will be able to develop software components using emerging technologies like JAVA, .NET, PERL, PHP etc.
• The graduates will be able to demonstrate their competitive skills among their

 Paper Presentation Topics

 1.  Cloud Computing

 2.  Data mining and Data warehousing

 3.  Digital imaging

 4.  Cryptography and Network Security

 5.  Artificial Intelligence

 6.  Algorithms

 7. Genetic algorithms and Optimization

 8.  Operating System

 9.  Networking

 10. Mobile Computing

 11. Distributed system

 12. Grid Computing

 13. Wiress technologies
    Technical Quiz

  • Two members per team can be permitted.

  • Preliminary round will be conducted first and the finals on the stage.

  • Questions will be both technical and Non-technical.

  • Two Rounds will be conducted.
     Web Design

  • Ready made templates are not allowed.

  • Maximum of two Participants per team.

    Tools will be provided (Dream viewer, Photoshop, Flash, Etc..)
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